is a SOLUTIONS driven company. Our management team consists of individuals with senior experience in the food industry. Each team member has specific knowledge of the key industries and applications where Aquafew can provide electrolyzed water treatment and systems from “Farm to Fork”.

CEO and founder of Aquafew, Carl Halterman states, "Our company's sole purpose is developing technology for industries, which is environmentally safe. Sustainable solutions and processes provided by our subsidiaries reduce the need for chemicals, lower maintenance, decrease labor costs, and enhance the customer product - 100% naturally."


Surface Tension Tube:

  • Aquafew STT Water Treatment System for source water Pathogen control and Organic removal
  • The STT system was designed to comply with large volume water requirements needed for processing plants. This system can be used as stand alone for food safety. Antimicrobial stability is 4-6 hours during processing.
  • Dual stage Process: Produces reduce surface tension in water “micro bubbles” in the First stage and creates an enhanced surface tension “nanobubbles” in the Second stage
  • Reduces scaling and organic buildup on all hard surfaces
  • Creates neutral EO water properties for first stage processing of fruits and vegetables. “Point of Entry”
  • Because of its neutral pH, “STT EO” is not as aggressive as “EW” to corrosion of processing equipment or irritation of hands and is more stable as chlorine loss is significantly reduced at pH 6-9

Aquafew ISTT:

Technology Overview:

  • AquaFew is an Electrolyzed water process that separates hydrogens in water into AK FEW (Alkaline-High pH) and FEW (Acidic -Low pH).
  • Both are stable and create reduced surface tension.
  • During electrolysis, molecular restructuring to nanobubble size occurs.

AquaFEW AcFEW - Acidic (Low pH) water:

  • pH range is 3.5 – 5.5.
  • HOCl – Natural active ingredient hypochlorous acid (sanitizer). HOCl
  • ORP – Oxygen Redox Potential 900-1100+mV.
  • Benefits
    • Smaller, atomizer or mist, low volume, high pressure applicators versus large conventional high-volume applicators.
    • Deeper Sanitizer, AquaFew ISTT due to reduced surface tension.

AquaFEW AkFEW - Alkaline (high pH) water:

  • pH range is 9 to 11.5.
  • NaOH - Natural Active ingredient Sodium Hydroxide (degreaser/detergent). NaOH

Aquafew Sanitizing System:

  • AquaFew is an Electrolyzed water process that separates hydrogens in water
  • AquaFew water stability is due to 100% separation between the two hydrogens
  • Produces High pH Water (alkaline) and Low pH Water (Acidic) Each water has unique characteristics.
  • High and Low pH water compliments each other to achieve added antimicrobial assurance
  • High pH alkaline water breaks down outer membrane on pathogens and fungi
  • Low pH neutralized pathogen within ½ second of contact.
  • High pH water– alkaline
    • pH-9.0 thru 12.0
    • ORP (oxygen reduction potential)- 800mV
    • Active Ingredient– Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Low pH Water– acidic
    • pH-2.5 thru 5.5
    • ORP 800mV– 1100mV
    • Active Ingredient– Hypochlorous Acid (free Chlorine) (HOCl) 10-30 PPM
  • 100 times more effective than chlorine yet due to electrolysis and separating the hydrogens in water there are no harmful chemicals and odors to deal with. Safe for hard surface sanitation and food contact for controlling pathogens.
  • ORP measures the level of antimicrobial properties in water.